Last Minute Change of Delivery

Our delivery team will call to confirm your delivery date/address, once the date and address is mutually agreed, we will proceed to book a lorry and arrange for delivery.

Last minute cancellations and rescheduling of delivery of items are to be done minimum 3 days prior to stipulated delivery date.

A penalty of RM150 will be imposed if any delivery date/delivery time/ delivery address change that fail to be made 3 days prior to stipulated date.

Delivery Dos & Don'ts

Applying for entry & work permits to condominiums, offices or gated & guarded residences

  • Approval or entry permits to the said premise is managed by the client/owner. Any security deposit or fee that is required by the management is to be borne by the client/owner. We are glad to supplement the details of our driver, the vehicle registration number and any other required information upon request.

Moving of bulky furniture up the stairs 

  • Our delivery & assembly team is made up of 2 person. Be sure to notify us in advance if your bulky item needs to be moved up the stairs. This requires planning, additional manpower and tools. Once our team ascertain that it can be done safely after assessing your premise layout, we will inform you on the additional manpower needed to perform the task. Each additional resource is charged at RM50 

Removal of old items

  • We do not remove, relocate or dispose old or unwanted furniture 

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